October 3, 2011

Why It Matters

Wasn't General Conference great! So many great messages! So many great talks! So many inspiring moments! The talks are already available at the Church website for anyone to listen to or view, just click here!

So, because I spent the weekend enjoying the messages shared during each session of General Conference, this post is going up later than intended, but here are some spotlights from seminary last week. Enjoy!

Highlight #1: Why It Matters

We really focused on why the scriptures we are reading and study matter, meaning: Why are they important to Heavenly Father and why should they be important to us.

We made connections to why certain things in our lives are important to us personally:

Why It Matters to Me - 1 Thing

Why seminary is important:

Why It Matters to Me - Seminary

And most importantly, why Jesus Christ is important:

Why It Matters to Me - Jesus Christ

We also spent time discovering why the 25 scriptures selected for this year's list of scripture mastery verses are important as well and enjoyed participating in a favorite activity called BRING IT, which helps us become more familiar with these scriptures (in a fun and somewhat messy way!):

Highlight #2: We enjoyed celebrating Madsters birthday with a creative congo circle dance bash!

Speaking of Madsters... check out the new page on this blog called "In the Spotlight" and see the video highlighting her!

This new page will change regularly to spotlight one of our awesome Extreme Team players, our #1 Fans, or other people who play an important role in our seminary experience this year, so make sure to check it out often!

Oh, and don't forget to read the Announcements for this week! There are important things there like: no class on Tuesday!

Have an awesome week!


Anonymous said...

One of the hihglights of my day is taking a few moments to explore your blog! I loved the "Why it matters" thoughts...makes me think a bit more on what matters most to me, and whether I am leading my life in a way that reflects what matters most to me.

K said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, Bro. Stephens about how our blog is impacting you! We appreciate your support of our class and the example you set for us.