April 27, 2012

Early Morning Seminary CAN be fun!

See for yourself:

Learning about Job and his trials?
Try out your Ninja-style skillz the next time YOU face a challenge:

Reading about Solomon?
Try your hand at building his temple:

Trying to learn a scripture or two?
Well, catch a ride on the Scripture Mastery Bus (just watch out for seat snatchers!):

See - early morning seminary CAN be fun!

January 29, 2012

100 Years of Seminary

We have learned so much in class since I last posted, too much to share in one post, so I think tonight I am going to share some of the reflections made by the students after watching the worldwide broadcast led by President Boyd K. Packer to celebrate and commemerate Seminary's Centennial Year.

(Note: You can watch this amazing broadcast about the seminary program over the last 100 years by visiting here.)

Reflections from the students:

1. Seminary can help you if you're willing to be here.

2. Teach other people what you learn.

3. Don't waste the years of seminary - seminary is fun!

4. Seminary is worth it.

5. Generations will be blessed because I came to seminary.

6. It is a blessing to get the opportunity to go to seminary. Embrace it.

7. I need to use seminary as a boot camp to help me survive the world.

8. I can't just stand around and wait for a chance to make the right choice, I need to step up and be a good example now.

9. I give up sleep for seminary, but it is worth it.

10. I hope that I can take what I've learned in seminary and allow it to help me be stronger.

11. Seminary can strengthen us in ways we can't really see.

12. Seminary changes people.

13. Coming to seminary is helping me follow the Lord's plan.

14. Sometimes I think "ugh" when I have to get up at 5 to go to seminary, but after seminary I know it's worth it.

15. In order to get the full effect of seminary we must actually apply what we learn in our life.

16. Attending seminary can change my morning attitude.

17. Seminary not only prepares you for the day, butfor the rest of your life.

18. Not everyone lived in a time or place where they could go to seminary. I am lucky that I have the privilege to.

19. Even when I don't feel like going to seminary, I know that if I go anyway it'll be worth it.

20. These few years of my life are very important - don't waste them up or it could affect the rest of my life.

21. With seminary in the morning, I can face the challenges of the day.

22. Don't waste what you're learning - APPLY IT!

23. The teacher learns too (Yes, Jarmo, yes I do!).

24. The sacrifice I make is waking up early in the morning but it's very worth it.

25. I need seminary.

What can I say to add to their reflections?

All I can say is that I am so grateful for the opportunity to teach an amazing group of high school students, who make that tough sacrifice of giving up sleep to come together at 5:45 am every day before school, to study and be strengthened by the gospel of Jesus Christ before they head into the challenges of the day.

These youth ROCK and I love being their teacher!

December 5, 2011

The 10 Commandments and... Punk'd?

Let's start with the 10 Commandments, shall we.

We have learned a lot about the commandments and have had GREAT discussions in class about why the Lord would give us specific laws to follow and how we can be blessed by Him as we keep these commandments in our lives each day, even though it isn't always easy to do that.

So, something we have done to help us remember the order of the commandments as given by the Lord is an activity called "The 10 Commandments: at your fingertips." Check it out....

Now, let's move onto our topic of Punk'd. It actually has nothing to do with learning the 10 Commandments, but it happened as we were learning about the Commandments, so I figured I'd throw it in with this post to give you a glimpse into our class.

So, what exactly is Punk'd you ask? Well, words alone don't do justice to this unique event that occurs every so often in our class, so let me add some pictures and music to help paint a clear visual of what it means to be Punk'd: Seminary Style!

I LOVE teaching these... PUNKS!!!

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November 21, 2011

Whew! Back on Track!

Wahoo! Our blog is back on track!!!!

I had some technical difficulties with the blog, so between that and a lack of time to work on it, the regular weekly post hasn't happened for several weeks.

But... have no fear! We're back to share what is happening in our early morning seminary class filled with amazing high school students who get up before the sun does so that they can come and study the Old Testament. Did I mention these students are a-maz-ing?!?

Let me show you highlights of their a-maz-ing-ness with a few visual treats of some of the experiences we have had in class as we have studied Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph (who faced his trials with incredible strength), Moses and the Israelites, and so much more! You'll see that no matter what we study, in our class there is always....

A-Lotta Learning Going On!

Things We Learn From Reading Exodus

Along with all of the learning that takes place in class, we also take time to celebrate each other with Birthday Bash days that are filled with fun, laughs, candy, and mad dancing skillz....

You can find even more great stuff in our class Filing Cabinet.

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Thanks for visiting our blog! Now that we're back on track, come back and visit again soon!