November 21, 2011

Whew! Back on Track!

Wahoo! Our blog is back on track!!!!

I had some technical difficulties with the blog, so between that and a lack of time to work on it, the regular weekly post hasn't happened for several weeks.

But... have no fear! We're back to share what is happening in our early morning seminary class filled with amazing high school students who get up before the sun does so that they can come and study the Old Testament. Did I mention these students are a-maz-ing?!?

Let me show you highlights of their a-maz-ing-ness with a few visual treats of some of the experiences we have had in class as we have studied Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph (who faced his trials with incredible strength), Moses and the Israelites, and so much more! You'll see that no matter what we study, in our class there is always....

A-Lotta Learning Going On!

Things We Learn From Reading Exodus

Along with all of the learning that takes place in class, we also take time to celebrate each other with Birthday Bash days that are filled with fun, laughs, candy, and mad dancing skillz....

You can find even more great stuff in our class Filing Cabinet.

Check out these updates in The Filing Cabinet: Photo Gallery (several new albums AND updates in the Random Pictures have been added), Videos, Important Class Information (updates for Term 2 added), We Love Breakfast (December days added), Announcements and more.

Thanks for visiting our blog! Now that we're back on track, come back and visit again soon!

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The Clark Family said...

I am so glad I stumbled upon this blog! I teach Seminary in SC, and am always looking for fun and creative ideas. Is there a way I can email you, and we can share ideas? My email address is
We have 19 incredible youth in our class, and have lots of fun learning the Old Testament.
Hope to hear from you!
Angel Clark