October 8, 2011

What a Week!

Whew! This was a whirlwind of a week filled with great things!

First of all, some quick class business. Term 1 ends October 31, and the deadline for all makeup work is October 28. Please check the updated Student Accountability Card for specific details on exactly what students do to earn their grade for the term.

Now, on to the great things from this week!

Highlight # 1 = An I RED Celebration!
(I RED = our "I Read Every Day" program)

Root beer floats are a great part of breakfast - especially to celebrate the successful progress students have made in their independent daily reading of the scriptures.

Students with 10 - 19 days of independent scripture reading in September included Poolside, Madsters, Dandelion, kTee, Beiber, and JesseJ.

Students with 20 - 29 days of independent scripture reading in September included Trouble, JDawg, Jarmo, and The Colbinator.

And our Extreme Team player that read ALL 30 DAYS in September... Mouse!!!

I know that reading our scriptures every day isn't always easy 'cuz life is so busy, but I also know that Heavenly Father blesses for making the time, even if we only read a few verses a night.

Highlight #2 = D-A-SH, Punch It, and Fakebook... what?

We participated in some fun learning activities this week as we focused on what we can learn from the Lord's prophets.

Our video highlights each of these activities:

Our Fakebook pages that we created highlight people and things we learned about in the Old Testament. Check them out here.

Finally, don't forget to read the Announcements for this coming week and enjoy your long weekend (remember, we don't have class on Monday because it is a school holiday for FWISD).

Oh, a couple of last thoughts to share from this week...

First: the Lord knows what He's doing... trust Him and:

Second: when the Prophet of the Lord speaks to us, we should listen or else we could miss something important:

Have a great weekend. See you Tuesday!

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