September 25, 2011

God's Plan

This week included great activities and discussion about Heavenly Father's plan, including:

the Creation of the earth

the creation of man in the image of God
(Scripture Mastery = Genesis 1:26-27)

the Fall of Adam and the importance of that decision

the role of Jesus Christ's Atonement (the greatest gift we have been given!).

Read reflections from the students about God's Planbelow (you can view it fullscreen):

God's Pan (Sept 23, 2011)

We also enjoyed working on scripture mastery with these fun activities:

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' = a team competition that changes each round

Rhyme Time = using rhymes to help us remember what the scripture mastery verses teach (click here to download the rhymes)

Freeze Frame = a team challenge to portray a scripture with one picture pose (check out the video below).....

Other highlights from the week included:

Sharing Goals and Good Things - but you had to find your partner first using animal sounds only! (What sound does a bird make, Dandelion?)

Celebrating Trouble's birthday and watching KT and Colbinator bust out some quality moves for our Birthday Dance Bash! (Too bad the camera wasn't rolling!).

What a great week of learning!

FYI - several things have been updated or added in The Filing Cabinet, so check out:

Announcements (Sept 26 - Sept 30)

The Photo Gallery (Random Shots, Extreme Team, and Table Shuffle)

Video Page (collection of our class videos)

We Love Breakfast (October Breakfast Assignments)

Important Class Info (Required Reading for Term 1)

OT Scripture Mastery (Rhyme Time Phrases)

Oh yeah, did you notice our new page at the top called: "Meet the Extreme Team?" It includes snapshots of each class member, their nickname, and a blurb about one of the strengths they bring to our class.

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