September 10, 2011

Snippets from September 7 - 9

This was a short week but it was still packed with lots of great learning!

As part of our Friday reflection process, students post responses to what we have learned on our class Twitter board (more details and pictures coming soon to show our Twitter board - or just ask a member of The Extreme Team to explain it!). The Friday Tweet asks students to suggest something to highlight here on the blog.

With that said, I am excited to share the thoughts and reflections of The Extreme Team with you and hope you enjoy the top 3 highlights from this past week.

Highlight # 1 = The Time Capsule

We started our week off opening the Old Testament "time capsule" and found some great treasures that relate to our life today! We discussed how the Old Testament is not just a dusty old book, but that there are many connections between its teachings and our lives today.

As we reflected on the importance of studying the Old Testament, the students shared great insights including that "the reason we study these scriptures is to understand what they mean to us" and that "studying the Old Testament will help all of us get better."

Highlight # 2 = Order Up!

Students enjoyed our "Order Up" activity, where they had to work together as teams to put all 39 books of the Old Testament in order - without using their Bibles!

Challenging? Yes. Impossible? No. Especially when you have a fun song to help you learn the order AND you color-code the books by the type of writing they contain!

To listen to the song that we are using to learn the books of the Old Testament, click here and open the "Books of the Old Testament" link. The song is sung by a group named, The Sons of Ammon, and they also give you the option to try it faster or fastest!

Highlight # 3 = The Power of One

The last highlight the class wanted to include was how much they learned from doing The Power of One, which was an in-depth personal study of one scripture mastery verse.

Background on Scripture Mastery (SM): This year we will work to master our learning of 25 specific scripture verses from the Old Testament. There are several components to SM, such as: knowing where the scripture is, being able to find it, understanding what it teaches, being able to apply it, and explaining it to others.

The 25 verses for this year have been divided out among the students to do a personal study of their assigned verse (or verses) with the purpose of teaching their verse to the class as part of our morning devotionals.

So, they worked on studying their scripture and have done a great job of preparing for their first SM devotional, as seen in these student examples:

Here are what students thought of The Power of One:

  • "It helps us understand the scripture better and makes us think about something we may have never realized before"

  • "You get more understanding of how to live that scripture"

  • "The value of studying one scripture at a time is breaking it down and gaining an understanding of God's word, verse by verse."

  • "We'll be able to share our thoughts with others."

  • "It's important that we individually study scripture mastery to gain a deeper understanding of what we're reading."

  • "Studying one Scripture Mastery in-depth helps us related it more to ourselves and we remember it better."

  • "When we learn just one scripture, we have more appreciation for what the Lord says."

  • Whew! What a great (short) week!

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    Anonymous said...

    Awesome! The other night during our family devotional, we were reading from the Book of Mormon when all of a sudeen Jason burst out and said "Scripture mastery!" I love it that, because of seminary, he is coming to know the scriptures! Thanks for all your work, Kirsten, and to the youth, keep up the good work!

    President Stephens