September 4, 2011

Let's get it started!

To get things started on our Extreme Team blog, how about a video overview of the beginning of our seminary season:

Note: If the video won't load, try refreshing the page and then try clicking here to go to the actual video site.

Some of the highlights in this video come from the following photo albums in The Filing Cabinet (click on the highlighted words to see even more pictures):

Getting to know each other better on the 1st day
Learning about the importance of T.E.A.M.
An Old Testament Scavenger Hunt
Minute to Win-It Scripture Mastery Challenges

Now, you should check out The Filing Cabinet, where you'll find EXTREME-ly important stuff about seminary this year.

Parents: Go to The Filing Cabinet to download copies of the calendar, class policies (grading, attendance, etc.), the Student Accountability Card for this term, and to find more helpful information.

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Ben and Rosa Tillman said...

Great video! Thanks for sharing it with all of us. I want to go to Seminary and enjoy the fun with everyone!!! Thanks for always making it interesting even at 5:45 am
Love ya, Rosa T

Lois Brown said...

Awesome!! loved watching the video! Looks like you all are going to have a fantastic year!!!

Anonymous said...

Giant cockroaches...takes me back to my days in the mission field chasing giant rats around the Mamita's room in our lodging! Adversity certainly comes in all forms, and we need to be able to rely on each other's strengths to help us deal with our own weaknesses!